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Turn your customers into marketers you never hired!

Understand, connect and engage with your customers using Imprzd

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Deliver your goals successfully

Whether your goal is to grow your business, build a brand, or sell your product. Imprzd creates tailor-made campaigns for your unique preferences.

Building campaigns that drift away from your goals is a thing of the past. With Imprzd software, you will narrow down your target areas and increase your marketing focus.

Automate workflows to generate customer testimonials

Showcase your customer posts as testimonials on your website.

The automated workflow ensures that no customer’s feedback will fall through the cracks. Every single feedback will get shared on your business social handle.

You can also automate how, where, and when you want to share your customer posts. Never miss an opportunity to share your brand mentions.

Satisfied customers create a viral loop that promotes your brand effortlessly. Imprzd software initiates word-of-mouth marketing to augment customer reach.

We understand the importance of every customer's feedback.

When customers share their experiences on social, they become the best champions for your business. Imprzd makes your customers instantly share their experiences. 

Effortlessly craft your marketing campaign.

Empower your relationship with your satisfied customers. Create feedback forms from a library of questions that are tailored to your goals. Gain extensive market research and analysis at your fingertips. Do all this at a shoestring budget.

Customize Imprzd based on your needs

Gain access to every post that your customer shared. Repost your customer feedback on Instagram and Facebook in the same tool where you build your campaign.

Ramp up your business with the AI-powered paragraph writing feature – automatically transform your customers’ inputs into glowing sentences.

Customize your Imprzd account to suit your brand identity. Choose the content and design that align with your business. 

Enhance your customer reviews by providing stock images to make the posts visually appealing. Imprzd also provides the ability for your customers to upload their photos. 

Showcase the impact with detailed analytics

Imprzd displays a clear-cut analysis of your business’s social profile. The dashboard facilitates Granular tracking of your customer’s posts, and the corresponding shares, views, and click-throughs. 

Accurate analytics enables you to plan strategies for customer acquisition. You can understand customer feedback & preference by diving deeper into responses for each question. Learn precisely what your customers feel about your business. 

Graphs and charts simplify the analytics reports, making it easy to comprehend the data effectively.

Understand how your customers are engaging with your brand.

Compare the performance of each campaign. Explicitly perform all this activity on one dashboard. 

Set up influencer marketing for your business

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