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Coding Course is an e-learning website based out of Manchester, UK. It is a hub for techies and geeks to stay ahead of modern technology. They create interactive learning experiences by covering all aspects of web development.

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“Good!”, “Great classes!”, “Enjoyed it!!!” receives many such positive yet utterly nondescriptive reviews - which offer no value to the reader. needs reviews that contain details about the students’ experiences interacting with the e-learning platform.


Imprzd ensures that every student will provide detailed & specific reviews. By prompting students to choose from multiple-choice answers, Imprzd collects the student’s inputs. Next, Imprzd's generative AI converts the student’s inputs into descriptive reviews that highlight the student’s experiences. These narratives offer rich details and convince readers about CodeGridder.

This is a sample email sent to the students of CodeGridder.

This is a sample email sent to the students of CodeGridder. Click here to go through the students' experience.

Click here to go through the students' experience.

Repost student experiences on your social media profiles

Re-share your student posts on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & other business profiles. Showcase your student’s posts on your social handles. Create trust with the viewers. Engage your followers and fans with student experiences. Never run out of things to say on social - continuously share the good word about your business.

Display customer experiences on your website

Showcase every student's post on your website. Integrate the Imprzd plug-in to automatically refresh and display student testimonials anywhere on your website. The automated workflow ensures that every time a visitor lands on your site, they will see the latest student posts.  Always put your best foot forward, showcase the good words from your students, and convince visitors to become students.  

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