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Boutique Jewellery

ädelstens juvel is an e-commerce store that sells unique & aesthetic jewellery. The brand is known for its exquisite craftsmanship & artistic designs. The intricately designed jewellery stands out as a definition of elegance.



Pictures speak a thousand words. When customers share photo reviews, the elegance of ädelstens juvel’s designs will convince any viewer to linger, browse & buy. However, customers do not add photos to every post. It is challenging to ensure that customers add captivating photographs with every review.


Imprzd suggests customized & attractive photographs to customers as they compose their reviews. By blending photographs and text to compose appealing review posts, Imprzd software ensures that every review highlights the designs & aesthetic appeal of ädelstens juvel. Customers are able to fashionably showcase the favorite aspects of their jewellery to their followers on social media.

This is a sample email sent to the customers of ädelstens.

This is a sample email sent to the customers of ädelstens. Click here to go through the customers' experience.

Click here to go through the customers' experience.

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Display customer experiences on your website

Showcase every customer post on your website. Integrate Imprzd plug-in to automatically refresh and display customer testimonials anywhere on your website. The automated workflow ensures that every time a visitor lands on your site, they will see the latest customer post.  Always put your best foot forward, showcase the good words from your customers, and convince visitors to become customers.

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