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Accelerate lead generation through customer

Make it fun and easy for your customers to share social media posts about their experiences with your business. A satisfied customer is your strongest advocate.

Achieve your business goals with Imprzd’s proven marketing strategies

Get digital word of mouth

Harness the power of satisfied customers to get word-of-mouth recommendations online

Increase user generated content

Combine customer photos and AI generated reviews to create authentic user generated content

Amplify your brand

Leverage the social media following of your customers to amplify your brand reach

Build social proof

Share the compelling stories of your satisfied customers to establish strong social proof

Generate leads

Your customers will share visually appealing posts that grab the viewers attention and drive leads to your website

Drive sales

Run Imprzd campaigns on auto pilot to drive a consistent sales growth

Make posting fun and hassle-free for your customers

Choose the right plan

Our plans are designed to cater to the needs of you and your business

See how Imprzd’s tailored solutions help you achieve your marketing goals​



Build brand reputation & grow admissions

Leverage student success stories to build brand reputation

Health and Beauty

Generate compelling marketing narratives

Transform customer experiences into compelling marketing narratives

Direct to Consumer

Accelerate your direct sales and revenue

Harness customer recommendations to accelerate your sales


Create powerful marketing allies

Transform satisfied customers into powerful marketing allies


Marketing Managers

Boost the sales of your products and services

Take your marketing efforts to a whole new level using social proof. Maximize your website conversion through impactful customer stories.

Digital Agencies

Streamline the marketing efforts for your clients like never before

Automate and scale the process of running marketing campaigns. Monitor all your clients’ campaigns in one intuitive dashboard.

Set up word-of-mouth marketing for your business today

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