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Magnify brand awareness with authentic customer posts

Enhance brand discovery with powerful & visual user generated posts

Your customers will create posts with pizzazz!


AI generated text makes it simple for your customers to express themselves. Easy to select suggested text, generate alternate text or type their own experiences.


Prompts ensure that customers will add photographs. If they don’t, our platform can be configured to add powerful visuals.


Streamlined share options guarantee that customers will share their posts. Customize to share with you, with their friends, on your website and on preferred social media platforms.

Try a demo to see how your businesses can get powerful customer posts

Reshare customer experiences to amplify your brand reach

Engage your followers on social media. Never run out of things to say on social – frequently share the good word about your business.

Find all your customer posts in one sleek dashboard!

Imprzd provide an extensive interface for you to access all your customer posts. Effortlessly re-share your customer post with a single tap

Stop worrying about negative opinions

Imprzd ensures that more customers make supportive and positive posts on social media. Don’t let negative opinions tamper your brand perception

Ready to magnify your brand awareness

Get Imprzd today and benefit from authentic customer posts

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